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Buffy and Angel always had annoyingly sub-par special effects, so I'd be curious as to how the finale went.

Oh, is that the issue?  Both finales had sub-par effects.  Buffy was the worst.  Angel relied on shadows, except for a couple of monsters.  Buffy's ancient evil cavern was cringe-worthy, though.

Such a goddamn shame. The make-up in those shows usually looked fantastic; but whenever Whedon wanted to do something bigger it always turned out shitty, like technobabble in Star Trek.

edit: which actually makes me think of a pretty good point, that all the spell casting and methods to banish demons or close the Hellmouth or whatever troubles they had were usually just as bad as shutting down the warp-field's dilithium matrix so they can reroute the power to the plasma converters, thus triggering a quantum field containment breach that saves the Enterprise from the Borg!

You both have forced me to hunt you down and kill you.

Haven't seen the finales, RC?  You need to catch up, slow Netflix boy!


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