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For the love of god, can we get over Star Trek already?

BSG comes in second and, okay, it's brand new and wild, so I can see them hesitating.

Dr. Who hits at number eight, and no mention of the hit new series?  That's a little blind.

Sliders is number ten?   :roll:

Lost at 11.  

A big laugh here:

Logan's Run the series at number 15!  What the fuck?  They don't even describe it.  "It only ran a season or two..."  You don't know how long it ran, guys?

Atlantis gets pounded down to 26.  A show that outstripped SG-1's ratings within ten episodes and continues to be the rising star in the franchise is nowhere near the parent show, which has been declining in watchability for three years now.

Number 37 finds Space: 1999.
Whore --
Whore season 2 --

Now, Logan's Run gets in there but Planet of the Apes does not?

whore again --

And where's Farscape?  Any show that gets a post-finale mini-series made based solely on pressure from the fan base, and then gets top ratings, should be in the top 50, I think.  Especially that top 50!

I didn't even think there were 50 notable science fiction shows.

How about Deep Space Nine and Firefly getting beaten out by fucking Voyager? That should've been your first tip-off that this list is bullshit, Nacho. Fuck, looking over this, I don't even see Deep Space Nine. Even Enterprise had better moments than Voyager, towards the end of its run. Firefly? Beaten by Voyager? Christ. Voyager had a continually declining fan-base. Firefly has a movie coming out, and they started mostly from scratch. All the Buffy fans in the world couldn't save Firefly though.

So, Farscape, DS9, and Planet of the Apes not even listed, and Voyager edges out a ton of far better series. Buffy the Vampire Slayer at its worst was better than Voyager (great run-ins with the Borg? They ruined the most impressive species ever encountered). This isn't a list of the top 50 sci-fi shows. It's a list of a whole bunch of shows that are loosely fantastical and done solely to get the Globe attention.

Plus, no Angel?  Which I'll go ahead and say can beat anything Buffy did after her third season.

As a PS, which should probably be in the sorta-Atlantis thread, I think Atlantis should zoom up to the top simply because they call women "ma'am" instead of "sir."  I don't know how that started (even BSG does it).  US military, it's always ma'am or sir, not some weird universal "sir."

I never got into Angel. I'm hoping they'll come out with some massive entire series package like has for Buffy. (130 bucks for all 7 seasons!? Holy fuck!)

Angel started rough.  Had that "we're a spin-off!" feeling.  The second season was kind of a journey out of that pit followed by a somewhat unexpected explosion of really great TV, as far as the Buffyverse could deliver.  Also a wonderful series finale.  "I always wanted to kill a dragon..."  

I think some folks hated the Connor character, one of those fanbase division things that, ultimately, led to the ratings drop.  There were clear problems with the show, and lots of stuff you have to struggle through before you get to "why the series was great...kinda."

Now, that said, Angel still beats out Year 4 and 6 of Buffy, and much of Year 5.  We had three years of Buffy where you can find about 10 great episodes and that's it.  Year 7 brought us back, but it was almost too little too late.


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