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Rita Rita Bo Brita Banana Fanna Foe Fita!


So, Rita's on a crash course with Texas and it's also the 3rd most powerful hurricane on record. This is going to be interesting in terms of politics, too.

Bush is "dammed if he does, dammed if he doesn't" take charge of the situation. If he does, it's because he only loves white people! If he doesn't, he's an ignorant fool! That's going to be fun to watch, too.

In other news, DeLay is pushing budget cuts to emergency agencies. He sez:

--- Quote ---The so-called Katrina tax hikes are not about Katrina; they're about tax hikes and will only serve to balloon the oversized, under-responsive emergency-management system that broke down three weeks ago in the wake of the hurricane.
--- End quote ---

So, we'll spend billions to rebuild Iraq, but not our own city?

Also, from this article:

--- Quote ---Congressional Republicans are not arguing with Bush's pledge that the federal government will lead the Louisiana and Mississippi recovery. But they are insisting that the massive cost -- as much as $200 billion -- be paid for. Conservatives are calling for spending cuts to existing programs, a few GOP moderates are entertaining the possibility of a tax increase, and many in the middle want to freeze Bush tax cuts that have yet to take effect.
--- End quote ---

What does this mean in regards to Rita? Well, it means that if Rita does any major damage, we're going to see a worse version of Katrina, except with a slightly better response time. Will resources be drawn away from rebuilding Katrina-affected areas? Will Bush fly over in an airplane four weeks later? What did Michael Douglas eat for breakfast yesterday?

Make your Rita predictions here!

EDIT: What the fuck am I thinking? Houston isn't under water-level. Durrhhh. While this lessens the excitement factor, I'm still hoping Houston goes 10 feet underwater anyways. And then MechWarriors would come through like BAM BAM BAM KABOOM RATATATATTA!

Oh!  I can move this here:

Hurricane Rita, a "potentially catastrophic" Category 5 hurricane with destructive force equal to the might of Hurricane Katrina, churned through the Gulf of Mexico early Thursday toward nothing prompting evacuation orders for more than 1.1 million Texans and the few remaining holdouts in flood-ravaged New Orleans!!!!

Galveston, a coastal city of 60,000, seemed like a ghost town Thursday morning, with much of it boarded up with big sheets of plywood.  Big ones!  Really, really, really, really big!

Coastal storm surge flooding of 15 to 20 feet above normal tide levels can be expected near and to the right of where the center makes landfall.  That's one inch, but it's actually 100 miles.  Can everyone see where I'm pointing?  To the right of the pointer.  I know it's hard to see because I used a yellow highlighter.  Maybe we can turn down the lights?  No?  You can see it?  Good, just to the right there.  Which is, coincidentally, your house, Shirley Jackson.

Its path shifted a bit north overnight, meteorologists said. The National Hurricane Center said it is expected to smash into the Texas coast at least as a Category 3 storm.  HURRICANE SMASH!!!!!!!!  It might also turn into a gentle shower in the five days it'll take to move the 400 miles to the wasteland between the two population areas that it may or may not hit.

The results are in! Republicans only care about white people!


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