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I'm busy these days trying to edit my school's Lit Mag, working to pay off debts, dealing with girlfriend, getting all my shit taken care of with University of Iowa. I'll be busy most of May, but this has been the first real week for me to have a breather.

Oh, and the new forums bugged me for a little bit, but I'm getting used to them.


--- Quote from: starrwriter ---... the virgin Tyson hasn't been heard from in awhile (maybe psycho girl slaughtered him with an axe.) ...
--- End quote ---

I had a triathlon over the weekend, fuckers! I kicked ass, considering the fact that it was my first real triathlon and I've only been training for 4 months. I did 1.5 km swim, 26 mi bike, and 10km run in 3:35:03. The course was mostly fucking vertical hills (except for the swimming, of course) so it was killer on my legs. But hey, my 40 year-old P.O.S. bike held together on all of the 50mph downhill runs!

But anyways, let's play a game. I'll show you my to do-list for tonight, and you'll guess why I'm not around GS as much this week:

* Start English thesis
* Finish Global Cities discussion paper
* Finish and submit Systems Programming project
* Read assigned English reading
* Clean room & unpack shit
* Eat (?)
* Laundry
* Stab neck with common kitchen implement

*logs off*
*server crashes*


--- Quote from: nacho --- My thought is that it's not clicking that a different registration is required here.  That's one thing.
--- End quote ---

It took me a while to understand that there were two log ins, and it wasn't even close to being 4:20.

--- Quote from: nacho --- May-August is the weirdest time for pages like this.  Even for SFWP.
--- End quote ---
 I agree that you're seeing a seasonal shift--every community experiences one.

--- Quote from: nacho --- The world goes outside!  
--- End quote ---

Ha ha, very fucking funny.


--- Quote from: nacho ---
--- Quote from: yotoc --- but what the hell do you do about submitting work?  I'm going to try to clean this place up some tonight.
--- End quote ---

A secret author sign in?, send them there from here and tell them to login and submit?  Something like that.  

Or a submissions drop box like the email newsletter drop box....?  Email, name, submission.  It goes email?  I don't know.
--- End quote ---

Dude. Keep it simple:

Then set up filters to weed out the obviously retarded shit. Real writers know how to submit shit. I have a filter that sends any message with "lol", smileys, "really", or "thanx" to the "Retard" bin.


--- Quote from: jreale ---

--- Quote from: nacho --- The world goes outside!  
--- End quote ---

Ha ha, very fucking funny.
--- End quote ---

*except Colorado*


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