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Going Hollywood!

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Well folks, I'm heading out to the West Coast in about four hours to pop my film festival cherry. I'll be back next week with stories of how I got drunk and hit on Natasha Henstridge. (who I just found oout will be in attendence.)

In the meantime, my movie hit a milestone today. After months of failed attempts, I've finally been accepted by imdb.

I know, there's nothing there yet. When I 'll get back, I'll shell out the money and bring everything up to snuff, but it's there!

Anyway, have fun while I'm gone. Tyson and Queenie, if you guys chnage your minds, you know where I'll be.

My mind was always set on coming to see it. Unfortunately, my retarded schedule was not set on me coming to see it. I really hope it goes well for you. If you don't post 200 pictures and four essays about it, I'll hunt you down.

Go, RC!

Hit those festivals!

Good luck.

Awesome man!  This is totally badass!

Best of luck to you out there dude.  Kick some ass!  When's this thing playing around here anyway?

Lonnie will never return from Hollywood!

Pictures, Lonnie, pictures!  The DVD needs to have hours and hours of "the film maker's experience."


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