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Now I intend to bail out of web design. Why? Because nearly every client I ever had was an infuriating idiot. They have some vague notion of what they want the site to be -- a means of retiring on the French Riviera is usually the unrealistic goal -- but they can't provide any specifics like text, ideas for graphics, color preferences, etc. They want to simply wave their arm and have me make it happen as if by magic.


Today, when I think the site is virtually finished, my friends hit me with a flood of emails containing many more photos and several "suggestions." Aside from the standard text logo/headline, I had designed a beautiful image logo using one of the farm pix they had sent earlier. Now they tell me they already have a business logo -- forgot to mention it when I started working on the site WEEKS ago. Could I use a font in the text logo that looks like the font on their farm sign? Also re-color the farm logo to make it black and white? Oh, and please crop the fence line and telephone polls out of the ALREADY FINISHED image logo. And they will need at least 3 pages, not 2.

Oh and don't forget the image they give you is usually 1x2 pixels and of course they want it around 1024x768 and oh yeah they never bothered to get a larger size from whoever created it.  Just blow it up, it'll look fine.

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People are stupid. don't know what they want, are impatient, cruel and technologically behind the curve?

You heard it here first, folks!

(Hey, Yotoc, can you redo the emoticons?  Also, I think we should switch from battleship grey to ocean grey.  I know they're exactly the same, but could you still go through and do the switch?  Oh, and, can you...)