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Shelter From the Storm!

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Oho!  Numbers 2-7 below are in 2002 dollars.  If anyone has better, post it.  But close enough.

#1 $700 million (in 2005 dollars --

#2 $333 million (more info:

#3 $8 billion (NOAA estimates 400 million 1906 dollars, more info:

#4 $4 billion

#5 $2 billion

#6 $2 billion

#7 $471 million

#8 Also $471 million

Additional quotes:  Hurricane Andrew: $32 billion

Camille: $7.5 billion (2005 dollars)

My Intro to Poli Behavior professor noted in a lecture that you only need a small percentage of the population to go into complete chaos, the TV crews to focus on them, and suddenly the situation is far more dire than it seemed before.

How are we ranking the worst?  In dollars or lives?  If lives I'm gonna say it doesn't crack the top ten.  Which is more important people?  I know...whichever will make Bush look more like a monster.

If lives, there are only 63 to go until it knocks out the blizzard, then.  You think 337 is the max number dead?  They haven't even tallied up New Orleans yet, you know.

It's also worth mentioning the displacement, which hasn't been seen on this scale since the Nazi's were having at it.  And Katrina doesn't even have a cool uniform.

We're still racing!

Disease, pollution: Under control.

Cost:  Now $200 billion (Bush is putting in for more money today)

Deathcount: 414 (9/12)

I'd like to note how difficult it is to get that deathcount.

Current liberal paranoia:  Actual deathcount is being suppressed

Current conservative paranoia:  Katrina flood photos are faked


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