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Oh, not FM. They're setting up a station and distributing 10,000 radios for that station.

I meant 2-way radios. To block those, you have to actively block them, which requires some voodoo magic equipment.

I'm suspicious of everything, but a lot of it corroborates with news reports and other sources etc.

I would be surprised if there were any active operators left in the area.  Certainly no one at the refugee zones and, if you're in the city, the last thing you'll be doing is screwing around on the radio.  Plus, anyone who had a shortwave antenna lost it.  So they'd have to go out and find the antenna, replace it, correct any problems, then get on and say, hey, we're flooded.

This is the ham equivalent of internet rumors, Tyson.  

There are a half million people spread from the Cajundome to Ohio, whatever story that's being hidden isn't a secret.  It's just being ignored.

Astrodome stories are being told by the volunteers.  There's a guy on SA going on and on about his time in there with the Red Cross.  The Guard are walking press people through the basement of the Superdome and pointing out the murders and the corpses.

It's all just too much.

I love this:

--- Quote ---
If a U.S. Navy ship is, in fact, jamming New Orleans communications, the crew must immediately shut down the jammer and take action against the Commanding Officer.

--- End quote ---


Operation katrIna Looking-for-oil!

Here's a really good summary on the "Off the Wall" show for 9/6/05:

About 27 or 28 minutes in, listen to the clip from the Mayor of New Orleans. Very very good. A straightforward politician?! Who knew!


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