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Domino Theory


Baton Rouge population doubles overnight, the city is stretched thin, violence threads and hospitals are raided.  From Alabama to Texas, the story is the same.  Houstom throws back further refugees after taking in only 11,000.  Riots, violence and these weird rape-murder squads reported in towns 60 miles from NOLA.  NOLA, itself, has fallen.  A hundred deaths just in the group of refugees at the rally point over night, and the city is ungoverned.  

So, if Baton Rouge falls, which is a very real fear when you pump a few hundred thousand angry homeless into your pretty little streets, what happens?  When one city falls, the refugee population grows...

Things are really getting fun now!

Isn't this the biggest mass-relocation of people since, like, the Civil War?

I thought the concentration camps for the Japanese in WW2 were bigger. However, that was more organized.

Actually when Rhode Island got hit by an ice storm in 1977 everyone had to get out.  They established a settlement called "Queens" which is now part of New York. I think that was about 2 million people.


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