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All this behavoiral/sociological stuff happening down there really interests me. It shows us just how frail our threads of "civility" are. We are, at heart, at our brain stem, animals. Pure and simple. When placed back in to an animal envirnment, we become animals again. Just look at feral children. *rarr! scratch, kick!*

Imagine that: our civilization of "advanced civility" is merely a self-supporting institution that can collapse from the inside out. A deck of cards.

Imagine if a disaster of this magnitude happened on the global scale. As if a magic cloud of water floated in from outer space and rained on the entire planet, raising sea level by a few hundred feet and putting the biggest cities in the world under water. 4,000 years of advancing civility and human empathy would dry up like Pamela Anderson's sex life at an eunich camp.

What would happen after that is what interests me.

I've always loved apocalyptic stories. The Stand and all that.

easy to say while you're sipping mt. dew out of a big gulp in your dorm room in sunny Cali...


--- Quote from: Cassander ---easy to say while you're sipping mt. dew out of a big gulp in your dorm room in sunny Cali...
--- End quote ---

Actually, I am drinking Mt. Dew. I'm at work in flourescenty office room place, though.

But yes, I know what you mean. I can say it's interestng and blah blah blah because I'm completely removed from it. If I were involved, it'd be completely different. So, yes, it's interesting for me, but for those involved, this isn't a fucking textbook. It's their lives and their lives just got shook the fuck upside down. When some earthquake comes and drops a roof on my face, the situation will be reversed.

too true.  

i can't turn CNN off...i just can't.


--- Quote from: Cassander ---
i can't turn CNN off...i just can't.
--- End quote ---

And I can't turn it on. I just can't watch any more.


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