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I've got gas, too!

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If you don't buy gas, guys, the terrorists win.

I got $2.88 a gallon and tehy're saying over $3 by Friday.


--- Quote from: Matt ---If you don't buy gas, guys, the terrorists win.
--- End quote ---

Isn't it the other way around in reality? Like, the gas producing nations have ties to terrorist groups?

So, I think we're probably in America Freak Out mode right now, but if there is an actual gas shortage (a major one) do you realize how the panic the country will go into?

Study Questions:
1. When Oedipus kills his own father, this is an example of...?
2. What is the term ascribed to a situation where a son is running away from his father because he's been prophesied to be the murderer of his father and kills his father?
3. When you fuck your mother and don't know she's your mother, this is an example of...?
4. When someone says, in response to the proclamation that you have diarrhea, "That's pretty shitty," this is an example of what variation on the theme we discussed in study questions two and three?
5. Is (answers to questions one and two) truly dead?

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