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The coming topic is the 05 gas crisis!  They're saying a 50 cent rise by labor day.  They're saying doom and despair.

More interesting than that, though, are the rumors of no gas in this hyar town.  The news is awful quiet about something friends are reporting on.  Cass says Asheville and surrounding towns are now dry.  I've heard similar rumors from CA, NM and one cheap station in Ohio...which explains it.  People are racing out to get gas.  But whole cities like Asheville going dry?  What's up with that?

Once something like that hits the news, or begins to creep into a major city, it'll be a flashpoint. Which I think will be loads of fun!

So roundup in this thread -- gas prices, gas lines, dry cities and running gun battles.  Let's also play the "how expensive is your gas today" game!  We're at 2.68 at the big stations near the Metro and 2.53 at my little cheapo station.

I'm not sure what the prices are here just yet.  I filled up on Monday thanks to Jody's mom and paid 2.56 a gallon.  The Kroger next to my office is badass and actually has gas pumps outside where you can use your Kroger Plus Card for a .03 a gallon discount.

Today though, the family that I work for is moving.  They rented a truck to help David move his stuff and he went out an hour ago to go get gas for it.  He said every gas station within 10 miles of here has 20-30 people in line for gas, so it's definitely affecting us here.  

I'm also supposed to catch a flight to NY tomorrow, but I don't know if that's going to be jeapordized or not.  The rumor mill says that the airlines won't have enough fuel to run their planes, but I can't believe it's as serious as all that.... it's not, right guys? RIGHT?!

ok, so here's the deal...i went out around 11:00 this morning because my mom called and said asheville was already out of gas and that people were coming down here to my small town to get gas.  i filled up this morning at 2.80 with about a ten minute wait.  this afternoon my mom calls and says they're going to shut off all the gas stations at 5pm (unconfirmed rumor) and i need to come get her car from work and fill it up.  

so i drive out then, pick up the Highlander and quickly find that half the gas stations are already out of gas or have shut down (holding onto reserves), and the others are backed up crazily.  4:00pm gas prices: 3.15 for regular, which was empty at the place i went to, 3.25 for the intermediate octane.  about a twenty minute wait.

i think, personally, everyone jumped on this thinking to stock up before prices skyrocketed and then it turned into a small panic.  but i'm also hearing on the radio that they're sending some of our gas to louisiana and memphis or that they're preparing for some kind of ration system or that, simply, there will be no gas delivered for another week or month (depending on how paranoid the story-teller is).  i'm expecting all the gas stations here in town to be empty by 7pm.

i've got CNN on right now and they're saying some places in atlanta are $4.99 a gallon. woo!

Woah woah woah. What's the big fuss? We've been paying 2.90+ over here on the central coast for a few weeks. No lines and freakouts over here.

God. Now it's the good old American "Baseless Panic Mode". Duct tape your windows! That'll keep the gas prices down!


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