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Glassbottom Boat Tours of my House now Available--$5

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wouldn't be the first time i've interrupted your dates with Rosie Palmas and her five sisters.


--- Quote from: Cassander ---

so anyway.  all my books, DVDs, and most of my clothing are now swirling around in sewage-infested saltwater.  time to update the old amazon wishlist!

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Right, OK, but can I feel good about sending someone The Complete Poems of Carl Sandburg when he's got no socks?  C'mon what do you really need, and are you Zord?

who's zord?

i can handle socks and underwear, etc.  i'm going down to the thrift store today to get some new shirts.  but oh god! My lovingly assembled library!  

seriously, i'm feeling very zen right now.  imagine having no possessions.  it's easy if you try!


--- Quote ---New Orlean's Mayor Nagin said both the city's airports were under water, the Southern Yacht Club had burned to the ground, an oil tanker had run aground and was leaking, there were gas leaks throughout the city and Interstate 10's twin spans heading east over the lake were "completely destroyed."
--- End quote ---

christ.  maybe i should start looking for a new place to live.

on the upside...don't have to pay rent this month!

Time to go share a room with Nubbins.

Hey, Yotoc, is the other half of your Duplex still open?


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