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Glassbottom Boat Tours of my House now Available--$5

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So...the levee broke and the area of the city i live in, which as never ever flooded, is now submerged.  I was holding out hope, but then I read this:

--- Quote ---Dozens of residents evacuated to the dry land of the Filmore Street bridge over the Marconi Canal were stranded between the flooded neighborhood on their right, and the flooded City Park on their left, hours after they had been plucked from rooftops or second-story windows.
--- End quote ---

yes, this bridge is a two minute walk from my house. I'm probably going to be stuck here at my parent's house for at least a week, er, wait, that was yesterday's prediction.  Talk to me, MSNBC...

no power for two months?  jeez.

so anyway.  all my books, DVDs, and most of my clothing are now swirling around in sewage-infested saltwater.  time to update the old amazon wishlist!

I'll let you guys know more when i hear it.

Cass, if you need any help or whatever, you call.

Oh my god, Sparky, I can't believe it. I guess the next time you move, it'll be a lot easier. Fucking mother nature.

maybe...just...some emotional support.  like...a hug or something.  just...even a handshake.  OH GOD

If you need emotional crash time away from the wicked family, I can make up a bed in the basement and you can be amused by a wicked family that's wicked to people besides you.  Seriously, door's open up here.  Call before you come at 3am, because I might be masturbating.


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