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OKay, it's two days before I turn thirty and I've decided to watch movies until dawn. From Netflix, I have Juenet's Amelie with the pixieish (Or should I say "Reale"-istic) Audrey Tautou, the Will Smith/Eva Mendes romantic comedy Hitch (Sidenote: I wouldn't kick her out of bed necessarily, but I think Eva Mendes in pretty unattractive.) and the Joel Schumacher/Andrew Lloyd Webber queer fest Phantom of the Opera. (Mrs. RC got control of ye olde Netflix queue on the last two.)

Of course, I'm also thinking of going out to the cinema to see either Wes Craven's Red Eye satrring my new favorite actor, Cillian Murphy, and my new favorite fantasy girl, Rachel McAdams or Terry Gilliam's The Brother's Grimm, which though getting mediocre reviews is a fucking new Terry Gilliam film. (Plus, the old lady gets all hot and bothered over Heath Ledger and Matt Damon, so it coudl get me some nookie later.)

I also have two films borrowed from friends: Equilibrium with Christian Bale and my other favorite actor, Taye Diggs, and Tales From The Gimli Hospital an eighties cult favorite in teh Lynch tradition directed by a guy named Guy Maddin.

So, HELP!!!!!

Take the path to nookie. Grimm then Hitch. Pootang!

Yeah, but then I gotta sit through Hitch.

Back in my last relationship, I would have sat through ten romantic comedies just to get nookie. Then again, I never had to.

Man, you've got to do what you need to do. What's more important: movies or nookie?

See, I'm married, so nookie isn't too difficult to get a hold of. (Okay, it can be, but I don't have near the quest ahead of me to get some as say, a single guy with no booty call numbers programmed into hiis phone.) In fact, I could even maybe get some simply by *shudder* talking to her for a while if I really want to put forth the effort. All Matt Damon and Hitch will do for me is cut out some of the foreplay. (Why do the work when I can have a shirtless Heath Ledger do it for me?)

Right now, I think it's all about the movies.


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