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Yeah, I have no hope at all for today. My money is on no electoral victory and the house has to decide.

But, if Biden does pull it off, I totally agree. The man is a doddering fool. Trump will be our shadow president and he'll tear Biden to pieces from the sidelines. Nothing will get done and, essentially, Trump will campaign for four years and get more powerful.

And if Trump wins... Holy shit, that's a mandate like we haven't seen since 1930s Germany.

Meanwhile! Hallie Jackson in red! Which kind of makes today worth it.

Later today I'm going to take a walk and photograph all the Bethesda businesses that are boarding up because... elderly white people who push their dogs around in strollers are a potential threat...?

I used to be all about the numbers and all that, but this seems so weird and pointless today. The media is doing the normal election special coverage, but hasn't, like, everyone voted already? Who are these people in line?

Yeah, I'm definitely not tuning into anything until tonight. It's funny but I just really have no idea what to expect.

Here is what's markets are doing on the election... was going to post a screenshot but I've forgotten how.

Biden's trading at $0.63 while Trump is trading at $0.43. They have Biden winning at 290 votes to Trump's 248. They've got Michigan, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Nevada, and Arizona all going for Biden. Looks like GA, FL, and Texas are still red, but they're kind of pinkish at this point. 

So the random aggregator site is optimistic!


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