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So...now we're getting worried about coronavirus. Riots in China and Korea, clinics being burned, people suspected of the virus being killed. All this largely going unreported.

I'm fascinated about how several Youtube-based info folks are claiming that their subscribers are being unsubscribed by Youtube. Both Medcram and Peak Prosperity have claimed this (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QVQC1hAYZBs).

I'm weirdly convinced it's either network fear-mongering for post-impeachment ratings or there's a real cover-up because this is a Captain Trips level bug.

EDIT on 3/24/2020

I'm adding all the links that seem to update here so we have an easy place to check in without scrolling through a bunch of pages. Let me know if there's one you want me to add:

CDC Coronavirus Info:

Johns Hopkins Global Data Updates

17-Year Old Kid's Case Data crunch that Throne Maiden says is filled with malware, but still keeps good numbers.

Worldometer Case Numbers

Man, the Coronavirus freakout has permeated all aspects of internet life. My wife, currently getting over a cold, will not leave the house.

3.4% fatality rate. Stock market drops almost 2,000 points. Events all over the world getting cancelled. Feels very much like the first few chapters of The Stand. It's like somebody's trying to destabilize the entire world. I wonder who!

My outlook is weirdly hopeful. We need a good purge. It's shining light on a myriad of social issues that need fixing, and most of that 3.4% will be old people who refuse to lighten their grip on the world they continue to fuck up. (Read: Trump voters.) Bring on Captain Trips, says I.

Weird that Russia doesn't seem to be affected. Sure, they're probably lying about numbers the same way China also probably is. Still weird.

Just to stoke the fires a bit.  Per The Guardian...
--- Quote ---It is probably about or a bit less than 1%. Much higher figures have been flying about, but the chief medical officer, Chris Whitty, is one of those who believes it will prove to be 1% or lower. The World Health Organization’s director general, Dr Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, talked of 3.4%, but his figure was calculated by dividing the number of deaths by the number of officially confirmed cases. We know there are many more mild cases that do not get to hospital and are not being counted, which would bring the mortality rate significantly down.
--- End quote ---

Per the NY Times via The Daily podcast - the drop in the stock market had was triggered by three things.  Coronavirus, The Grand Idiot in the White House, and mostly the Saudi's pumping a ton of oil into the market with them claiming they are going to ramp up production even more.

So is this the official GS Coronavirus thread? Asking because I really don't trust any of the news outlets and the CDC hasn't updated anything for a bit.

In other news, I drank 3 bottles of hand sanitizer last night, so I should be good for a day or two.


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