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Re: Timeless
« Reply #15 on: May 16, 2018, 11:54:25 AM »
So, Timeless season 2 is over. It's built a strong cult following, which is good, and, overall, the season was strong. But the Rittenhouse storyline is just so derivative and boring, I can't believe the show will see a season three.

That said, the finale did try to correct the course. This may be too little too late. And, coming without warning in the finale, it's really jarring. A rogue Rittenhouse agent literally shrugs and says "I've had enough of this." and destroys Rittenhouse. Now we're back to bad guy being chased by our heroes through time, clean and simple -- where the show should have been all along.

Meanwhile, a major character death looks to be potentially undone by future versions of our main characters -- if season 3 gets picked up.

Ending the main Big Bad storyline should have come more organically at the start of the season -- it's the reason season one got axed. Killing someone, then promising to bring them back if there's a new season seems so obviously manipulative it takes the viewer out of the show. Having divergent timelines and multiple instances of the same character is so fucking overdone I just shook my head and shut off the TV. Blah.

So season 3 hands in the balance. But they clearly can't find their way, so I'd suggest NBC pick up The Expanse instead!