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Brexit: Victory for Pub Racists and Soccer Hooligans

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I feel like we should combine our EU threads... Didn't want to start a new one, and debated putting this in the Greece: Fucking Shit Up thread.

It's Brexit day! Polls close in a few hours and all the experts say there's pretty much a 50/50 chance that the UK will leave the EU. At which point there'll be hellfire and damnation (according to some) or nothing will happen (according to others). Either way, the boat's going to rock in some interesting ways.

nacho: They really did it. Which is crazy and foolish. 52% voting to leave. Cameron is stepping down, paving the way for a right wing Nazi, no doubt.

This will also feed Scotland's bids for independence, and maybe Northern Ireland. And there's already talk about ousting EU immigrants -- currently 13% of the UK population. And what happens going the other way? Monkey?

Okay, made a thread so we can analyze and report as the years roll on... Cameron is out by October. Boris Johnson (shudder) is the favorite for the new PM. The British Nazis, AKA UKIP, are cheering in the streets. The vote is exactly what you'd expect -- the countryside was pro, the educated and traditionally oppressed were against.

So the two year divorce proceedings begin when the new PM takes over. It's not till then that they trigger Article 50, which makes it official. Pro-Brexit leaders have all randomly said 2020 will be the final break date (but Article 50 is very clear -- two years from trigger date).

NI and Scotland are calling for independence votes (though Scotland is the only one organized enough to do so). Trump is at his Scottish golf course praising this as a great day for the UK and using it to tear down Obama.

Meanwhile, the world press is going right for "who's next," with the Post predicting Norway, Greece, France, and Hungary.

(Oh, and Trump just said -- though no one is echoing it -- that he would help "dismantle the EU" if he were president. Ummm...)

Oh, and everyone is reporting that the pound has crashed and is the lowest against the dollar since 1985... But every currency exchange site refutes that. The pound has changed just marginally. Meanwhile, the Euro is sinking.

There's a great infographic floating around showing how the majority of the pro-Brexit voters were over the age of 60. The older generation has utterly fucked the younger one here.


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