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Witcher 3 stole my life!


I downloaded Witcher 3 over the holidays and hang on - I just need to cut off this bandit's arms - boy it has taken over every waking hour.

There is a somewhat dark undercurrent and interesting long term decision fallout: I can be noble and free a tree demon to save children from cannibalistic witches, or I can take the easy way and kill the tree demon for the witches for reward. In the first case, if I free the tree demon it saves the children but the angry witches destroy the whole village and kill everybody within... or else the witches eat the children but the village survives.

I also killed a sexy blonde sorceress whom I fucked then I killed her to stop the sale of plague research to a king who may weaponize the plague... except if I hadn't killed her she later finds a cure for the plague. Whoops.

The general exploration controls may sometimes be finicky but on whole the game is great fun and the combat is well balanced to fuck you up if you don't attempt at least some grade of dodge and parry defense. I love this game.

After maybe... 30 or 40 hours I'm at level 13 because you gain experience points only for completed tasks and quests, not spending five hours killing wild dogs.

Note: repairs your swords or they'll break!

I've been trying to avoid this game... I'm very worried about my productivity this year. Hearts of Iron IV and Stellaris are just around the corner... I see hundreds of hours wasted as Historic Hitler and Space Hitler in my near future.

Geez - this game is HUGE.

I think I have spent close to 50 hours and realized how much I have yet to do. I'm Level 17 - of at least 50 -  and opened up the Skellige Islands area which is just as large as the second/main area of Velen + city of Novigrad and I popped back to Novigrad to follow a lead on another side quest and realized I have completed maybe only 30% of Velen/Novigrad.

Also, I stumbled upon a cyclops and ran away.

I think I put a total of 200 hours into the game - story and side quests. So I downloaded the expansion.

The main 200 hours of Witcher 3 and the extra 20 hours of the first expansion had my brain-cock hard as hard could be and in a day or so the second, final, and 'huge' expansion will be released.

So much for my pre-Euro 2016 in Paris preparations.


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