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Does it Play Doom?

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Now whenever one of your retarded friends (all two of 'em) ask you "but does it play Doom?" you'll have an answer:

Doom never caught my fancy. It was Wolfenstein 3D that got me hot.

In no particular order, the best 3D Shooters Ever According to Tyson:

Wolfenstein 3D - Classic!
UT2004 - The pinacle of multiplayer deathmatch. The only thing to improve on this is graphics, which this already shines in.
Deus Ex - Best storyline. Ever!
Max Payne - Best storyline. Ever!
Quake 1 and 2 - Gameplay at it's best. Perfect balance of all the elements of shoot-'em-ups.
Halo - Duh.
Oni - The first and only successful combination of guns and fist fighting I've played. Great storyline too.

I'd add Half Life 2 but... *sigh* Shut up.

Any other favorites?

I liked the new Wolfenstein, and there's always Duke Nukem, of course.

Oh, forgot Duke. The first funny FPS, for sure. Supposedly the new Duke is actually making progress. They spent three years writing their own engine and then the threw it all away and are starting on the Doom 3 engine. Word has it that they're actually making it. Finally!

The new Wolfenstien is a lot of fun, sure, but it just didn't break any new ground. Well, except for the flamethrower. Remember how big of a deal that was, back when it first came out?

And that Doom movie is going to suck. A lot. It has to be said.

Quake 4 though - I'm curious where that one is going to go. Appearantly it's just a continuation of the Quake 2 storyline with the Doom 3 engine.

I never got into Quake.  After Return to W, I jumped to all of those Paradox games.  Europa Universalis, Hearts of Iron, crusader Kings, Victoria... Just lamely play those over and over and over for years.

Now it's Rome Total War and I want to get a bit of an upgrade to play Silent Hunter III.

Yeah. I'm starting to wish I had bought a desktop instead of a laptop so I could play the newer games. Oh well. When I make my millions.

The good thing is that it gives me an excuse to go back and play the classics I missed. Diablo, Starcraft, Warcraft 3 (not really a classic, I know), and all that.

Doom 3 might play well with low graphics options. I'll have to give it a shot.

But for a laptop, I'm really suprised how well my PowerBook plays games. I can play UT2004 with most graphics options on High at full resolution at about 20-30 fps. On the other hand, Microsoft borked the Halo code for Mac and it stutters in online play (not lag).

Then again, the UT2004 engine was designed to be cross-platform and to play well on many different machines.

What's more exciting, though, is the 2x and 3 engines:

3 puts the Doom 3 engine to shame.

Also, the new Duke isn't based on Doom 3's engine. Oops. It's based on an Unread engine. Hopefully 3.

What get's me the hottest is that the Unreal 3 engine supposedly plays just as well on hardware that the 2 engine plays well on. THAT'S unreal.

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