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Reginald McGraw:
And despite our illness with body bags coming home (which the US Military is well aware of and why we rely on stand-off warfare and airstrikes so heavily), we are getting pretty good at killing the leaders.

So, Brussels... No big deal?

I mean, I understand, if so. It is Belgium after all. But I notice a decided lack of ho-hummery all around me.

Working at the Newseum today and after the initial OMG, everybody went back to business as usual.

So have the terrorists won? Or does our apathy toward ISIS an their ilk (as long as they don't plant a bomb here) show how the power of the extremist has diminished?

It's simple human psychology to not be able to overly sympathize with those far away.

Reginald McGraw:
I think there is some apathy. And obviously it's a terrible tragedy what's happened in Brussels. However, we also learned more about the network and operational posture. It's a hard problem to catch every plot and cell like this before they act.


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