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Culturally Defining Moments of our Youth

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Reginald McGraw:
My take:

1. Redskins in general. Winning 3 Super Bowls (and losing a 4th) 83, 84(L), 87, 91. But also the leg break.
2. Atari 2600 (83 is when we got ours)
3. Discovery of the PC (86-88) We had a giant word processor, then my dad had a really early laptop from work for some reason, and then we got our first real PC. Partitioned 20 MB hard drive, 10MB for OS and my dad's stuff, 10MB for GAMES, BABY! I remember filling that and getting yelled at for using "so much space".
4. Challenger
5. Related to 3, but separate: BBSing. How I met Nacho, of course, but also a way to get warez and cracked games that I could never buy.
6. Reagan's domination of the elections (80, 84)
7. Orioles winning World Series (83)
8. General Star Wars mania, but probably seeing Return of the Jedi in theater (I was deemed "too young" to watch the first two.
9. The Superman movies
10. Transformers (although I never got to see the movie)

Honorable Mentions
Knight Rider
Countdown to Desert Storm (1991/1992)
Black Monday (1987) -- I don't know why I remember it so clearly, but it sticks with me.
Berlin Wall/USSR falls (1989)
MTV / music videos

I'm glad I'm #5!

Reginald McGraw:

--- Quote from: nacho on October 15, 2015, 04:21:11 PM ---I'm glad I'm #5!

--- End quote ---

Yeah, the social side of BBSing was really a way that I developed my thinking on a lot of topics and was able to bounce ideas off peers. That is understated impact on me that I've not considered until right now.

Also a good list, Reggie.

You know, that '83 Super Bowl year was huge. I just remember every where in the DMV being a part of it.

I came late to computers, but I was both am Atari 2600 and an 8-bit Nintendo man.


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