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I started a Ghostbusters thread because, why not? We all agree the first one is genius and the second one is far less so.

This reboot looks like it cold be lots of fun. The casting is certainly something I approve of.

Yeah...I've recently become curious. (Also, we can talk about the cartoon, which I loved!)

Everyone seems to be taking a dump on these pictures, but I've come to the conclusion that the internet just likes to bitch. Or maybe it's sexism, which is also stupid.

I think this is *exactly* how you do a reboot. It's familiar enough that you recognize the DNA, but the all female cast is obviously going give it a different vibe. I think Wiig and McCarthy are both hilarious, so it'll be funny.

It is sexism. Lots of talk about that... And the "women in entertainment" issue is an issue...

Fucking teasers for trailers make me grind my teeth.

Though since today is the "end of the world" as predicted in Ghostbusters II,  I'll let it slide.


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