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RC sent me a link today:

A collection of the worst book covers, which he found hilarious. But I knew that the true comedy wasn't the was going to Amazon and reading the comically trolling reviews.

So, each week, let's link to the best of the insane Amazon products and their reviewers! We'll start with "How to Avoid Huge Ships":

Over 1100 hilarious reviews and comments...

Oh, what a spray! What a lovely, lovely spray!

Wilton Silver Color Mist

--- Quote ---Enter the latest frontier to be conquered by the Fury Road faithful: Amazon customer reviews.

There’s a product called Wilton Silver Cool Mist that is a silver food color spray. For those familiar with the films, it’s very reminiscent of the chrome spray the War Boys (those pale-looking fellows that follow main antagonist Immortan Joe) administer to themselves when they believe they are about to meet their ends and their eternal reward in Valhalla. A group of Mad Max fans have taken it upon themselves to infiltrate the page.
--- End quote ---

Reginald McGraw:
3-star review:
--- Quote ---One of my warboys used this product three times and was not awaited in Valhalla. Buyers beware.
--- End quote ---

This one's great:

the $40,000 TV

I have no idea where to post shit anymore and I'm pretty sure Andrew's FB messenger is not something he checks on the reg. Anyway, I thought this was relevant.


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