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Crazy Links - Booze Edition


This made me laugh, mostly because I've been to most of these.

Awesome! Modern Drunkard has a long article in their latest issue that's in this same vein... And actually just made me angry at the whole cocktail scene!


--- Quote ---“I'm deeply reconsidering my career choice,” a distraught fellow lighting designer tells me. It's 5 a.m. on the morning of a massive society ball in New Orleans. In just a few hours the room will fill with young girls in white princess gowns and old men in tuxedos.
By that evening, everyone who is not an underage debutante will be spilling their wine, taking out entire table garnishes and injuring themselves on the dance floor as I watch it all from a spotlight tower.
In New Orleans, debutante balls and cotillions are usually held in elaborately styled ballrooms in fine hotels facing the Mississippi River. These events are like senior proms turned up to 11, but with grandparents and prancing stallions invited along for the ride. The design aesthetic for many balls resembles a particularly gaudy stage set of "A Midsummer Night's Dream." Crystal-encrusted ball gowns are not uncommon.

These celebrations are the high point of society season in many moneyed Southern enclaves. But behind every blow-out cotillion and debutante ball is a production crew working to ensure that all the weirdness goes smoothly–or as smoothly as it can possibly go when most attendees are drinking very, very heavily.
--- End quote ---


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