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So, because I've been spending way too much time at my computer lately, I've reconfigured my workspace into a "standing desk" setup. I thought a bout a ball chair, then I saw a dude's makeshift standing desk and decided to rig one myself.  This post is the first thing I'm typing on it.

Anyway, has anyone else done it? I'm curious to see fi it makes me more productive. It certainly can't make my ass hurt any more.

Hemingway used to write standing up at his typewriter.

Dickens would physically act out scenes from his books after he wrote them.

I'm a notorious pacer anyway so I might as well be standing.

Shoes are a must. Even if I work in my pajamas, I'll have to wear shoes.

I've always wanted to do this:


I even tried to pitch treadmill work stations to our "health and wellness" officer here and got a few people behind me...

The desk he's using is $2000, which is usually why this idea is stillborn:


But I am keenly aware that a healthy life = around 10,000 steps a day, and we're all lucky if we do half that. (That's not just modern health mumbo jumbo, Victorian doctors were keen to prescribe a "10 mile a day" plan (20,000 steps) as preventative medicine.)

Just simply standing doesn't do much. If productivity is the goal, that's something that comes from your head not your physical position.  Your feet aren't writing, your back isn't answering emails. What keeps you alive is heart, lungs, and all stuff that is still not getting a workout for 7 hours a day even if you're standing.

The next spare 2k I get will go towards a treadmill in my office.   


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