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Also, John Wesley Shipp is playing Barry Allen's dad in the CW's new Flash show. Kind of cool.


--- Quote ---Marvel Studios and Netflix have found their Matt Murdock. After carefully scouting the scene for the perfect actor to headline their Daredevil series, they've decided on Charlie Cox. The British thespian was already a frontrunner, and now he's officially landed the part.

According to Variety, Cox will take over the role that Ben Affleck previously played in the 2003 feature film Daredevil. The Netflix series is just one of many Marvel properties that will highlight a character from New York's Hell's Kitchen area. Others include Iron Fist, Jessica Jones and Luke Cage.

Cox is best known for appearing on HBO's Boardwalk Empire, as well as Downton Abbey. He also starred in the 2007 film Stardust opposite Claire Danes. Prior to this announcement, Daredevil was rocked by the abrupt departure of showrunner Drew Goddard, who opted to work on Sony's Spider-Man spinoff Sinister Six instead. But, no fear, he was quickly replaced by Steven S. DeKnight (Starz's Spartacus). 

Daredevil is expected to run for 13 episodes. The series, as well as the solo outings for Iron Fist, Jessica Jones and Luke Cage, will lead to a team-up miniseries event, called The Defenders. It's the Avengers model, but for the small screen.
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Netflix's Daredevil might be shaping up to be something cool.

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The pilot for The Flash leaked! Hitting it tomorrow night, which is the first free chance I have because I can no longer watch TV all day at work.

Internet sad face.

Reginald McGraw:
However you have Friday's off...oh I mean "WAH"!


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