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Started a general superhero TV thread because none of these shows last more than one season.

Except Arrow which everybody seems to love, yet I don't know a single person who watches it... not even my DC comics obsessed sister.

Anyway, they're spinning off a Flash show which is teased at the end of this preview.

Most superhero shows last more than a season! We have a long tradition of shows surviving. Hell, isn't Smallville in year 10?

That said, you're right... I'm hard pressed to find a real human being who actually watches these shows.

Smallville is done now, but yes, it lasted ten seasons.

I tried watching was so bad.  Yet I couldn't stop watching.  Like watching a train wreck in slow motion over and over again.  The acting was horrible, stunts horrible, story line HORRIBLE.  The only thing that kept me coming back was to find out what happened to him on the island.  However, even that wasn't enough for me to got back to it, after Mrs. Sirharles made me stop for a few days.  I got through 7 or 8 episodes but that was it.

RC...should we folk Agents of Shield into this thread?


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