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Reginald McGraw:

--- Quote from: nacho on April 28, 2014, 01:55:39 PM ---The Nissan's battery died again because I forgot that I had a car down in the garage. I was going to get one of those portable chargers, like this one:

Mainly because I don't want to push the car out of a tight space, charge it, get mocked relentlessly by the TM, only to park the car and forget about it for another three months. (Though I am under orders by said TM that, once I get it started, I have to take the Nissan out once a week.)

I've seen the professional types use these portable chargers. Like when I use my roadside assistance option from Geico and a guy comes out with one and charges my car in 39 seconds and bills me a zillion dollars. What's the track record on using these, though. Should normal people use one? Are they worth it? Can I just convince RC to come down four times a year and jumpstart my car for me while I sit upstairs and watch Care Bears movies?

--- End quote ---

When I was at UMBC, and driving an unreliable car, I more than once availed myself of the campus police's version of this. They just handed it out in exchange for your license.

I always thought it was weird because once you start your car and are supposed to drive for 30 mins or something to recharge the don't have your license.

Anyway, they're easy to use if you know how to use jumper cables and if you keep them problem.

Used various Amazon coupons to get one for $30. Arrived today and, holy shit, it's awesome. Why do people still use jumper cables?

Reginald McGraw:
Because jumper cables are $7 with no coupons?

But they require people! Interaction! And they're not at all cool and manly. And you don't necessarily always have a highly portable torture device.

The future is paying three times as much for something you'll use once, my friend. Wait and see. Wait...and...see.

Reginald McGraw:


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