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The run up to World War 3....

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And canned foods.


--- Quote ---An eyewitness told the BBC that armed men arrived in two unmarked vehicles, storming the base in Simferopol firing automatic weapons.


The Ukrainian government said a junior officer who was on duty in a park inside the base had been killed and another officer injured. A third serviceman had leg and head injuries after being beaten with iron bars, it said.

The government said the commander of the unit was captured by men wearing Russian uniforms.


Interim Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk told an emergency government meeting: "The conflict is shifting from a political to a military stage.

"Russian soldiers have started shooting at Ukrainian military servicemen and that is a war crime."
--- End quote ---

There we have it... on the centenary of The Great War, we're seeing more nonsense in eastern Europe.

We should have let Patton keep going in 1945 like he wanted.

Patton would've solved all the world's problems.


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