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The run up to World War 3....

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With the last five years of both Russia and China expanding their borders, and protecting crazy oil and/or nuclear states against American intervention, how close are we to another conflict?

This is a good article, talking about the proliferation of non-peaceably negotiated settlements leading to the lesser likelihood of peaceable negotiation. Crimea is another hotspot, in which Russia is testing western resolve, and China will be looking onwards to monitor the American reaction in Crimea, before looking at more islands in the South China Sea.

Neither side can appear to lose face.

Came here to post the news that Russia claims to have shot down a US drone in Crimea.

And tomorrow is zero hour, as well... Hang on to your butts!

I'm moving to Switzerland.

Russia now says "western sanctions" will not be "without consequences."


Better stock up on Stoli.


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