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Disco Dust:
Yours truly avoided starting a pigskin thread at the start of the season mostly due to the fact that most of the fellow fans of the topic seemed to be in life situations that prevented them from following it closely, as the season wore on it was more pity for how their favorite pro teams were faring that lead to the continued abstinence.

But now with the dawn of a new age for the Skinheads and the end of an unsuccessful title defense ( not surprisingly though) from B-more, hopefully there is renewed enthusiasm out there.

I am rooting for Seattle to lift the trophy next month, since they are the only remaining side never to do so in the past. Though I loathe the 2 shot callers duking it out for the AFC crown this weekend, it should be a stimulating affair to take in.

Did you ever live in Hawaii in a previous life?


--- Quote from: monkey! on January 17, 2014, 04:39:40 AM ---Did you ever live in Hawaii in a previous life?

--- End quote ---

You know...

Disco Dust:
Past life? I focus more in this one on fooling people into believing I was born in Honolulu in order to be a US Citizen and hide my real identity as a Muslim with Socialist proclivities   :cool:

Well... there we have it. Disco Dust is the ghost of Starrwriter.


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