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He's officially been in talks to direct for 4 years!

He's a huge fan but has never had the time. You'll get plenty of him in the "Five-Ish Doctors" anniversary special, which you'll get to view with me (sitting on my lap) after Day of the Doctor.

Season 34 filming begins after New Year' I imagine it won't be long till we see Capaldi's costume. Always a weirdly giddy moment for the uber-fans.

Until then... The much-maligned regeneration scene!

Moving Missing Episode rumors to this thread!

So -- Missing Episodes 2014!

It has now been confirmed by several involved that a commentary track for Marco Polo was completed in November. Which means, obviously, Marco Polo is on the slate. Not surprising at this point.

We also have a report on the weight of missing episodes recovered in Africa -- 3 tons. Though not all of that is Doctor Who, and it is still being painfully cataloged and restored, we're still at where we left off in the season 33 thread -- years away from knowing what could actually be recovered from the old prints.

Filming has started! Here they are on set... Not a costume reveal, sadly. He's still in 11's outfit from Time of the Doctor. And, seeing it on Capaldi, I wouldn't mind if they kept that...

Confirmed: a 90 minute 8th Doctor special, "sometime in 2014." Moffatt's long said that he won't run Doctors concurrently (in response to people screaming for lost Hartnell episode redos with the AiTaS cast). Now he says he's doing this because "it was planned all along for the 50th." Um... Okay. Either way, 8th Doctor fanwank will be great for the show. And I'd love a Capaldi cameo!

We're also getting the master and the Daleks back (duh), and rumors of Draconians and more Zygons (hopefully not).


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