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I am so looking forward to an older Doctor. No fucking romance. Maybe Clara will die horribly. The below theory from Bleeding Cool follows on from whatever is going to happen here with the 50th... And I love the hint that we're going to be more like the Hinchcliffe era. In my opinion, that was the best era of Doctor Who. The show suddenly became this creepy, gothic, horror show that was so scary they had to do a minor soft reboot and lighten things up a bit.

Either way, we'll get a taste of Capaldi at Christmas (and it's rumored we may see him either during Day of the Doctor or playing himself playing the Doctor at the end of An Adventure in Space and Time), and then we'll have to wait till the middle of 2014 to really get into it.

--- Quote ---Bleeding Cool's taken what we already know and made some educated guesses about the next season. First, the math on the regenerations is all confused now. Steven Moffat's still calling Capaldi's soon-to-be Doctor the 12th Doctor, but John Hurt's character is a regeneration. Which would make Capaldi the 13th regeneration and, theoretically, the "last." But now rumors are saying that Capaldi's actually going to be playing the result of what happens when the Doctor goes on past twelve regenerations, aided by the Sisters of Karn.

For Capaldi's first season, there's rumors of Frank Cottrell Boyce writing a two-episode Dalek story that'll be directed by Ben Wheatley. The whole tone for the season is said to be based on the gothic style Philip Hinchcliffe brought to the classic series when he produced it. [Bleeding Cool]
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How I love our first glimpse of Capaldi's Doctor in Day of the Doctor:

And...he's keeping his natural accent, thank god. Is fandom ready for an angry, possibly villainous Scottish Doctor?

I really hope these keep coming... Another Malcom mash-up:


--- Quote ---Twelfth Doctor. No Waiting. Steven Moffat confirms Peter Capaldi's first season won't be split in half — the whole thing will air in one uninterrupted run, starting in August 2014.
--- End quote ---

From Blastr:

--- Quote ---Peter Jackson has confirmed he’s officially been in talks to direct an episode of Doctor Who.
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