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--- Quote from: RottingCorpse on November 14, 2013, 04:22:16 AM ---I haven't had time to dip into the conspiracy hole, but that's indeed pretty weird. I wonder what happened during the missing 50 seconds?

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Apparently, uh, Tila Tequila knows….




--- Quote ---Something Strange Under Antarctica?

A 10+ page public forum is now having an in depth discussion over what the forum moderator is calling ‘something strange being activated under the ice of Antarctica’. Our forum mod claims to be a geologist sent to Neumayer Station in Antarctica to study ice core samples. His introduction to this topic is summed up as below and discussed much further in depth in the newly released video report below. Surprisingly, this claim may have more credibility than one might think:

About 2 weeks ago we started hearing rumors that strange microwave transmissions were being detected. Eventually it was discovered that these transmission were coming from about 100 feet below the ice about 15 miles from the station. An expedition was sent to that location to investigate the area. What they found were not only microwave transmissions, but also radioactive activity as well as a tremendous amount of heat originating below the ice which was melting the ice.

This is when it all got really strange. Within days a team was sent from the US with heavy earth moving equipment. It was all classified and only a few members of the station are privy to was going on. That team and their equipment was sent to the location probably to dig up whatever was under the ice. About 4 hours after their team and equipment went to the site they all came back. There were 18 of them and 7 of them had to be treated by our doctors for some sort of radiation poisoning.

What is more disturbing is the look on the faces of those team members as well as the look on the faces of the few guys at the station that are in the know when they returned. They all look like they saw a ghost. Totally scared and acting erratic.

Now this are is totally off limits to us an is being guarded by the US military. Rumor is another team from the US is coming to resume the investigation from the Army Corp of Engineers.
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Reginald McGraw:
Yeah, check out the 10+ page forum discussion:


One guy saying the above and everyone else mocking him.

Here's the actual story!



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