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First world problem: I'm very tempted to switch from my 4 year tryst with Apple iPhones to Android.

Mainly, I'm balking at paying out a fair bit of pocket money for a somewhat better version of what I already have, with often slightly more expensive contracts. An iPhone 5 would cost me over an extra 300 euros this year, over the Samsung Galaxy S3.

I'm used to the polished perfection of iPhones and iOS... beautifully designed, easy to use - a beautiful garden with very high walls one would almost never notice. But the walls are there. Restricted, but beautiful and polished perfection.

Android is the wild, open countryside. Download a different launcher and completely change the look/feel/layout of the GUI. After that, varying themes add further visual customization to icons, docks etc. But, with the openness comes the added complication and management problems.

Yes, the App Store is superior to the Google Play Store in both quality, quantity, and frequency of updates - but this gap is closing. Android OS, however, really is an open playground of customization.

Choices... choices.... Tomorrow I could pick up a Galaxy S3 for €50 with a cheap contract including 3G+ and 4G with access to millions of WiFi hotspots across the country. Or... an iPhone 5 for €250 for pretty much the same contract.

Fork out cash for polished familiarity... or save money for a risk?

Well, you know my feelings! I've always been disgusted with Apple's gadget-head nonsense that, yes, has always suffered from your description above. Oh, it's beautiful in Apple land. But you hit that wall all too soon.

And, now, the changing face of Apple is, at best, usury. Shell out a zillion bucks for a new phone that's notable largely for the fact that the logo has moved. I worry that Apple has lost what little groove it had.

The flexibility and universality of Android may be life outside of the garden, but it's alot more fun.

Take the risk. We got my father a Samsung tablet because it was cheaper than an iPad and the differences are minimal. Interface changes mostly and more buttons at the bottom, but basically the same as far as apps go.

I'm scared.

You'll be fine. It'll be good to get away from the giant, Zardoz-style head of Steve Jobs that patrols the iGarden.


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