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Yeah...I'm a little let down that the response is "tablets." I was kind of hoping I'd missed some news about a sentient toaster or something.

My issue with tablets is that I'm (the last holdout in the world) not happy with onscreen keyboards. I want a real life keyboard so that I can more easily write angry letters to President Eisenhower.

That said... The Square card reader works alot better on tablets...and with two festivals coming up... Might need a tablet before the end of April.

I boycott all things Apple, so what's Mrs. Reggie got?

And this has led me to a bit of research... Landed on this:

The keyboard is another hundred... That's quite pricey, but now I'm thinking of a portal writing tool so I can get away from the distractions of my super pirate hard drive -- the eternal enemy of productivity. Writer's block? Let's marathon the Phantasm movies! Okay! Eeeeeeeee........

So a nice little tablet I can take outside, or to a bar...

We got my dad Samsung's tablet which he loves. I forget what it's called though.

Reginald McGraw:
RC: Probably a Galaxy Tab.

They're nice. I'll report in when the wife returns. She got one she didn't like and returned it and loves the one she has now.


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