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RIP (not!) William Starr Moake

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Starrwriter is dead!


Greatestsociety -- the parody site started by the erstwhile Starrwriter, AKA William Starr Moake, has been taken down... And so has Starrwriter's main home page!


My first thought was that he's dead, because he once threatened me that the site would be up forever and the whole world would mock me. So I went on a little internet foray and it looks like he died in 2008.


How the hell did we miss that?

For those of you who don't remember, Starrwriter joined the forums way back in an earlier iteration and rapidly made a nuisance of himself and was, generally, stalky and insane. We all hated him and, eventually, he was "banned." Though, amusingly, we only said that he was banned and he went with it...his account is actually still active:


And his posts:


Since he's dead, I decided to single out some of the highlights from his nearly 500 shitty posts:

The long, horrible slide into insanity started right here:


"Freaky Times" was his idiot project to bring Greatsociety to print...or something. I think his goal was to create a lit zine or something.

The failure of Freaky Times led to a summer of Starrwriter being a horrible cunt to all of us -- and openly stalking the women then on the forums. Finally, after a few warnings, and Monkey going after him, he went nuts:


On that same day, he goes to every thread he started and replaces the first post with "OLTF." Then:



This in June:


And then we finally told him that his account wasn't banned...though he couldn't quite figure out how to get back on. The last message to us is this:




I love going back to the 2005 archives... Somewhere, deep in the forgotten subterranean of this site, the 2002-2005 forum exists. I remember stumbling across it once during a backup crisis a few years ago.

I hope Jody kept those photos of Starrwriters penis.


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