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Last Resort! The leaked pilot.

So, basically, The Shield's Shawn Ryan made a Battlestar Galactica/Last Ship/Hunt for Red October hybrid with Andre Braugher commanding a nuclear sub.

And it's kind of awesome.

I really liked Last Resort... We'll see if the next episode can live up to the pilot

Holding steady at episode two! Good news...

So passes Last Resort...

Not surprisingly. Though it was keeping me watching, it was nothing truly special.

Penultimate episode of this trainwreck.

I'm astounded at how wrong this show went...they have everything. Tropical island setting, great story, conspiracy, great actors... Yet they dropped the ball so completely it's shocking.

This was meant  to be the cliffhanger finale...and it's awful. Next week is the bonus 13th episode they tacked on after cancellation where they have 40 minutes to tie up every single plotline. Which doesn't really matter because we stopped caring about all the plotlines 7 episodes ago.


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