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This week I invested in a lovely, shiny PS3 Slim with Max Payne 3.

Being an ardent fan of Max Payne's first outing on the PC I was hoping that the third installment, this time on a console with a controller - no keyboard and mouse - would live up to the standards. And what are these standards I expect from a Max Payne game?

Beautiful artwork, scenery, character models; stylish music to craft an atmosphere worthy of this genre of story-telling shoot 'em ups; and importantly, the great voice acting we've come to expect from Max Payne and the characters around him alongside a compelling, 'cool' or 'stylish' storyline that involves the player providing tensions and laughs when needed amongst some explosive and down-right graphic nastiness.

Does Max Payne 3 on the PS3 hold up?

Yes, yes it does: beautiful artwork, the music compels the mood without really being noticed - one must stop and take stock to notice how good the music is at doing what it does - and the story, voice acting and game play are great. Not to mention, the game on standard difficulty level with few 'assisting' options is quite tough but not frustratingly so.

I like this game, a lot. It gets me all giddy like the first Max Payne did when I was a teenager.

Also, it's all set in Rio, so the scenery backdrops, the nightclubs, and stadiums etc. are pretty gorgeous to behold.

With regards to gameplay, Max Payne is quite a bit older now, somewhere in his early 50's I'd guess by the graphic models, so the gameplay has taken his age into account. Bullet-time has a shorter duration and his jump-dodge skill - once all powerful on the first PC outing - is no longer as affective as it was once before, obliging the use of cover much more frequently alongside the odd snap of bullet-time. Max can't take quite as much damage as before, increasing the realism, and two or three hits tops will put him down.

Presently I'm stuck on Chapter 3 where a group of hired SWAT team guys are throwing grenades at me.

Oh...see, I loved the first one, but people really hated the sequel. Might have to grab this one.

It's worth a grab.

Have any of you cunts grabbed Max Payne 3? If not, SHAME on you. You get to kill a lot of poor people in Brazil.


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