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The U.S. Gun Show

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I also wonder what the fuck is in the water in Colorado that makes dumb kids go on shooting rampages.

They're bored. They're dissatisfied. They are slowly realizing that they have been lied to. They lack leadership and discipline. This is the reaction to all that if you happen to be aware in even the slightest way but lack the intellect to carve a niche for yourself.

I'm not sure I buy that. It almost makes this guy sound high-minded but misguided. I think it's more ego than anything else. Every time you hear about anything like this, Columbine, the VA Tech shooter, and I'm sure this fucknut, it comes around to some kind of stupid, "I'll get them!" mentality.

If the Feds find some manifesto about cultural decay and how it's infecting our minds with crazy ideas and he was "lancing the boil of our cultural insanity by turning fictional chaos into real chaos" then I might recant what I'm saying here.

But I bet you $100 bucks it's some some of stupid "revenge" delusion mixed with mental illness.

Not high-minded at all. A great and terrible problem in our society that's only going to get worse. Just because I say "aware" doesn't give him any sort of value or power or reason. In the same breath, I call him an idiot. But this is the problem. We feed these people. We put guns in their hands. We tolerate them. Until they finally do this. Then we wonder why they did what they did.

The gun thing has always been a problem and always will be, at least in the U.S. Your implication about how we deal with the mentally ill is the bigger problem I think. Organizations who are supposed to help lead the charge on this (APA *cough*) seem to be as dysfunctional (if not more so) than the people they're supposed to be helping.

This weekend, I'm working a video gig for the World AIDS Conference. (Don't worry this is related.) We had a meeting yesterday about what the production crew is trying to capture and the lead producer went into a lot of detail about what HIV/AIDS activists are facing thirty years later. He made an interesting comment that applies here. I'm paraphrasing, but the idea was that in the U.S. we stigmatize people with disease, any disease. AIDS gets it worse than some others. So does mental illness. Rather than recognize a problem or worse yet, have to admit that someone might be dangerous to themselves or others, we'd rather brush it under the table and act like it doesn't exist than be faced with a harsh reality.

And this will follow the same pattern as VA Tech with all the same questions. "How did he get weapons?" "Why wasn't he locked up when people realized he was dangerous?" We'll throw blame on all the wrong parts of the system and everyone will say, "Yeah, it was obvious he was fucked up, but we just didn't want to deal with it." Endless cycle. Nothing wrong here. Everything's fine. Just ignore the crazy guy with the gas mask and guns who probably has no *real* idea why he did it.

Fuck it. I'm sleep-deprived.


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