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Death of the Common Culture or How the Internet Will Destroy Civilization

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No! It's about kittens sleeping in sinks and Doctor Who!


And I just reposted that Xmen Born This Way parody...and I thought about this post. What about Gaga? Love her or hate her, she's a modern common culture moment.

Was. She was a brief common culture moment.

Well, nothing lasts forever, RC.

So, this weekend, RC and I are going to drink and argue this.

He's also going to get a history lesson on the boni - the "good men" who formed an ultra right wing hump in the Roman Senate - and how their polarizing acts paved the way for folks like Caesar...and how Caesar really just wanted to bring everything back to the middle and restore normalcy.

So in terms of the death of the Republic, the boni hit their height around 62 with the Cataline Conspiracy. From there, the doors were opened for Crassus, Pompey, and Caesar to consolidate power - essentially corporate powerhouses pulling government strings. To enhance their coffers, they each got involved in wars... Pompey and Crassus in the eternal war for the east and Caesar in Gaul. All after gold and the establishment of factory towns...corporate feifs. Money was power, and the ultra-conservative Senate nearly echoed today's religious right. Or vice versa, I guess. Then Crassus dies, Pompey is past his prime and adopts the ways of the boni...and junior partner Caesar has a looming legal problem...

I typed all this on the droid! I'm dying of boredowm at 722! Yay! Later today: the fall of Rome, broken down hour by hour!


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