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The Danger 5 Cocktails

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You punched a girl!

No I didn't! I punched a Natzi!!!

Episode five:

Orange Kennedy
(recipe not given)

Cherry Fiasco
(recipe not given)

Lemon San Diego
(recipe not given)

The Perfect Swiss Kiss

Two parts Creme de Cacao
One part vodka
Pour over crushed ice
Add milk
Finish with chocolate flakes

Episode Six: know how I don't like to use the sit-down gun.

The Perfect Beyond Chunderdome

Nine parts vodka
Four parts grape flavored fruit drink
Freeze overnight
Serve in plastic

From another site...

--- Quote ---ep1

2 parts grenadine

1 part chartreuse

pinch salt fresh mint

the perfect fruit madrid


1 part dark  rum

1 scoop vanilla ice cream

fill with creamy soda

finish with raisins?

the perfect carlos sultana


1 part rice wine

1 part lychee juice

pour over crushed ice

fill with soda

the perfect chinese whisper


1 part gin

1 part pommegranete syrup

fill w/ pineapple juice

over crushed ice

the perfect fruiten kamoon


2 parts creme de cacao

1 part vodka

over crshed ice

add milk finish w/ chocolate flakes

the perfect swiss kiss

never use canned olives in the vodka marconi!


9 parts vodka

4 parts grape fruit drank

freeze overnight

serve in plastic cups

the perfect beyond chunderdome
--- End quote ---

Season 2 news!

Ooooh... *internet smiling face*


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