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The Danger 5 Cocktails

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Because Danger 5 is my new favorite show, I just spent the last 30 minutes combing through the episodes for the drink recipes -- usually imparted to Pierre whenever someone dies in his arms. we go:

Episode Four:

The Perfect Fruitenhamon (?)

One part gin
One part pomegranate syrup
Fill with pineapple juice
Serve over crushed ice

Episode three:

The Perfect Chinese Whisper

One part rice wine
One part lychee juice
Pour over crushed ice
Fill with soda

Episode two:

The Perfect Carlos Sultana

One park dark rum
One scoop of vanilla ice cream
Fill with cream soda
Finish with raisins

Episode one:

The Perfect Cherry Mendez
(recipe not given)

The Quickest Bangkok Sunrise
(recipe not given -- also served at the end of episode zero, though not then named)

The Above-Satisfactory Vodka Marconi
(recipe not given)

The Perfect Fruit Madrid

Two parts grenadine
One part Chartreuse
a pinch of salt
a fresh mint

The Perfect Heil Hitler

Two parts Qream liqueur (that's my guess -- it's not clear what she says)
Crushed ginger
Fill with orange soda

Episode Zero:

Bloody Margaret
(recipe not given)

Dry Marconi (no lemon)
(Recipe not given -- offered as an All-American Beverage)

Grape Escape
(recipe not given)

Vodka Moreno
(recipe not given)


Sadly... I have the ingredients for the Perfect Fruit Madrid. Maybe I should see if my manly license has expired.

Anyway...drinking one now! It's actually okay. A little bit cloying... Maybe, like, three pinches of salt...

The two parts grenadine is actually too much, especially if you're using grenadine syrup. I would try changing it slightly with 1 part grenadine, 1 part chartreuse, with a dash of soda water.

So that Nazi bitch was lying!

Well, she IS a Nazi.


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