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Monkey's Sloe Gin.

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Autumn 2007 I made a batch of sloe gin, using Tanqueray gin and wild sloe berries picked from Northern Irish heaths, and white sugar, which turned out great. Pinkish-orange in colour, warm and syrupy on the tongue, perfect as a night-cap or for dessert after lunch; I still have some left, that I save for special occasions, like Wednesdays.

This week I've just put together two batches, both using Gordon's gin: one has had white, granulated sugar added, the second has slightly more sloe berries with unrefined brown cane sugar.

Bottle 1 - "whitey" - has already taken on a nice translucent pinky-purple hue. Bottle 2 - "darkey" - is filling out a deeper purple, somewhat less translucent.

Fingers crossed!

Should be ready by April!

Jesus... Save some for me this summer.

I gained a whole new appreciation for gin when I worked on that "spirits" video gig this past fall. I still think it tastes like a drunk pine tree by itself. However, mixed properly it can create amazingly complex drinks.

Already bottle bottles are taking on a deep, rich berry colouring.



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