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A nice review from The Millions, largely launching from the long-sustained shout from Japan that Murakami get a Nobel, but also discussing what I agree to be Murakami's problem -- he fell off the rails for most of the last decade. Returning to Japan in the wake of the subway attacks and the earthquake, he wrote the excellent After the Quake shorts collection in 2000... And he lost his mojo. His next three outings were mediocre, lost in the "town of cats." Then he seemed to abandon fiction. He threw himself into his hobbies -- which is something that What I Talk About When I Talk About Running deals with.

The Cheuse review:

He loves it.


--- Quote from: monkey! on October 23, 2011, 09:32:39 AM ---Amazon tells me both volumes of 1Q84 will be shipped to me Oct 26th. which means I should get them just before Hallowe'en.

Then again, the French postal service....

--- End quote ---

Yay! Mine just shipped as well. October 31st is the expected arrival.

Mine should be with me tomorrow.

Finally, I have some time to start reading 1Q84 - whoop!


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