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I'm sad we don't have a devoted Murakami thread... We have an Iain Banks thread! And Murakami is, easily, equal to Banks in my far as authors I religiously follow, no matter what they release. And 1Q84 is a book I've bene anticipating since it was announced last summer...more than any other book, really.

I suppose I'll flesh this thread out with Murakami history and books and all that...but, right now, I'm just sitting here anxiously awaiting the release of 1Q84. After several years of kind of cooling his heels, this is a big blow-out freak-out. A thousand pages of Murakami goodness... Reviewers love it, hate it, can't figure it out, are changed by it. It's real Cult of Murakami stuff -- just like the old days. A return to roots? A bookend for his ground-breaking Wild Bird Chronicle? The start of a new path?

I know Monkey will be reading it along with me, so the real purpose of this thread will be so you can watch the two of us go completely insane, wander the streets of Tokyo in our minds looking for lost cats, and fixate on women's ears.

Here's the book trailer:

Yeah, I'm really stoked about this - can't wait for it to arrive in my post.

In fact, I believe it should arrive some time Wednesday.


I'm super saver shipping guy, so I probably won't have it till after Halloween. So you'll get a jump start on me!

Amazon tells me both volumes of 1Q84 will be shipped to me Oct 26th. which means I should get them just before Hallowe'en.

Then again, the French postal service....


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