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Nacho watches Terra Nova

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Meanwhile, on the Blade Runner set, giant TV screens are explaining exactly how they magically discovered time travel and what Terra Nova is.

Awesome! Main guy breaks out of camera. We next see him on a crowded subway car where he takes a razor blade, cuts open his side (and we cut to people who are passively watching him do this), and he pulls out a tracking device. Which, I guess, is the prison tracking device. I'm sure it'll all become clear.

It might behoove the future Department of Prisons to, maybe, set up their tracking devices to trip an alarm when their prisoners escape.

Oh, good! His wife left him a duffle bag full of money, ID's, and weapons!

She left it in a corner on the street where half the population is eeking out a miserable, homeless existence. I guess none of the 5 billion people in Chicago were like, hmmm, I wonder what's in that bag that rich, well-fed doctor just covered up with a newspaper.


Considering that the Terra Nova complex is, according to his son, just as high security as the prison, I guess the prison break makes sense. All our guy has to do is latch himself onto the bottom of an SUV, which drives into the complex -- and up a pedestrian hallway. Then, in front of tons of people wandering around (not to mention whoever's in the car), he rolls out from underneath and casually walks down a corridor.


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