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Nacho watches Terra Nova

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Oh no! He's going into hyperox-something shock! We're 85 million years in the past through the Stargate and everyone's disoriented.

Also, our main guy ran through wielding a gun so he hyst gets arrested again. LOL.

Now, the big question -- the kid who was taken away by Pop Con has been in the mother's fucking backpack the whole time, and thrown all around, and is the same age as she was two years ago...and...what?

So, basically, there is NO security in the 22nd century.

Anyway, it just takes 17 minutes of prologue to get to the Land of the Lost (CGI version). Which I'm a little bit thankful for.

"How much trouble do you think we're in?"

What? For stowing away into the past where there's only a small colony of humans who have access to all the supplies they need while they irrevocably fuck up the timeline? None at all. Why would anyone care?

Though it would be amusing to discover that they've gone through all the trouble of building a time machine just so they can set up a prehistoric fascist dictatorship. Actually...I'm kind of rooting for that.

We're walking towards the wall of Terra Nova now. No dinosaurs yet.

Customers keep calling me and being crazy. Don't they know I'm in the middle of some gripping Fox drama!!!

"Do you think they'll make you serve the rest of your time?"

"I hope not. I'm not scheduled to be released for 85 million years."

Ha, ha, ha. File under: Jokes written at 3am the night before the scene was filmed.

"They're so white."

*cut to the clouds*

Oh! The clouds. Right. I thought you meant -- EVERYONE AT TERRA NOVA!

Oh, sorry. There is a black guy. Countdown to him being eaten by velociraptor!

Dinosaur! Or the sounds of one at least. And a camera-shaking explosion.

Everyone watch the black guy!

"Allosaur tripped a sonic mine!" says the guard. "Let's keep moving."

Um...okay. So, like, are we okay? No? Yes? Should we put the black guy in the front or the back?


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